The design and implementation of this site


For better or for worse, I’m responsible for the design of this site. Custom icons and the animé portrait of me are by the very talented Amethyst Wreggitt, who is available for artistic and design commissions of all sizes.


The more recent parts of this site are presented using HTML5 and CSS3 with just a touch of Javascript.

But I don’t actually write the site in any of those languages. All text is Markdown, transformed into HTML, then slotted into the page by way of ECO templates. Stylesheets are written in SASS plus Bourbon. The Javascript is written in CoffeeScript. And the whole thing is bolted together by the amazingly slick mechanics of Metalsmith.


Except where otherwise noted, the contents of this web site are available for unlimited use within the Government of Canada. Other uses are governed by the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International. Exceptions include the site icons (with URLs containing siteicons/) and the file chibi-greg.png, for which all rights are reserved. For any other use, feel free to contact me.

Greg Phillips

This web site is not an official publication of the Royal Military College of Canada nor of the Department of National Defence. Ce site web n’est pas une publication officielle du Collége militaire royal du Canada ni du Ministère de la défense nationale.