A LaTeX format for the RMCC thesis


This is the home of the totally unofficial LaTeX class file for the RMC thesis, intended to make it as easy as possible to format a thesis according to the RMC Thesis Preparation Guidelines dated 6 May 2015.


Download version 2014-03-26 — a .zip file containing the rmcc2013thesis.sty file and .tex and .bib files illustrating its use.

This is the first version supporting the 2013 form of thesis.


I hope this package works for you. While I’ve tried to test the heck out of it, I may have missed something important. Please send bug reports and enhancement requests!

The rmcc2013thesis.sty package is intended to be used as a modification of the LaTeX memoir class which should be included by default in any modern LaTeX distribution. In fact, it’s just possible that someone reverse engineered the thesis formatting requirements out of the memoir class file’s default behaviour, but I’m neither confirming nor denying this!

A nice side effect (by design) is that instructions for further customization, special features, etc. are all contained in the memoir class manual, which is comprehensive and extremely well-written.

Using rmcc2013thesis.sty package won’t guarantee that your thesis conforms to the official requirements (there’s still room for you to mess things up), but it will get you darned close and will automate some of the otherwise-tedious formatting and boilerplate.

In addition to the wonderful features already offered by LaTeX, BibTeX and friends, some particularly useful features of this class are:


Greg Phillips

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